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Gainesville Chiropractic for Heartburn

Heartburn Relief Through Chiropractic Care

Heartburn, or acid reflux symptoms, can sometimes occur temporarily after a certain heavy meal or medication. However, some people deal with heartburn every day of their life and it can be a painful and troublesome condition. If you experience heartburn on a regular basis, then you most likely have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), also known as Acid Reflux Disease. If you suffer from Acid Reflux Disease and the prescribed medications, change of diet and any other form of treatment that you are undergoing isn’t enough, it’s time you visit a chiropractic clinic. While chiropractic treatment might not be the most conventional technique that you think of for addressing your heartburn, it has been shown to alleviate and even improve symptoms of GERD.


A big contributing factor in GERD that is often overlooked is lumbar kyphosis. Lumbar kyphosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine. Recent studies suggest that a misaligned spine can have significant effects on the disease by causing or contributing to symptoms.

Postural alignment issues can increase pressure placed on the stomach and esophageal system causing a displacement of the stomach called hiatal hernia. In a hiatal hernia, the upper part of the stomach herniates through the diaphragm, causing the diaphragm muscles to pinch the stomach resulting in acid reflux. Hiatal hernias are actually a very common cause of GERD that are often overlooked, but chiropractic treatment can address them.

Another way that altered spinal alignment contributes to GERD is through nerve interference. The spinal cord and brain are responsible for the nervous system and the nervous system controls practically every function of the human body. When the spine suffers from misalignments, it can place pressure on the nerves located in the spine interrupting their function. Inhibited nerve activity can have detrimental effects on organs, such as the stomach and esophagus. If nerves aren’t able to send the necessary signals to the stomach, it can inhibit the proper secretion of acids and slow down the movement of food leading to abnormal acid in the stomach. These acids cause bloating and irritation, which then reflux into the esophagus.


Gainesville Chiropractor, such as Dr. Charles T. Tucker, will be able to physically manipulate the spine and readjust it to improve the issues causing GERD. If your problem is a hiatal hernia, Dr. Tucker will be able to treat it by reducing the pressure placed on the stomach and returning it to it’s natural position to avoid pinching that is causing the acid reflux. If your symptoms are being caused by nerve intervention, then the realignment of the spine and the surrounding muscles will reduce the stress being placed on them to allow for proper functioning of the digestive system.

Dr. Tucker’s Gainesville chiropractic treatment is not the common method that comes to mind with the twisting, cracking and jerking of the body. Instead, he is trained in the Activator Technique for a more gentle approach. The Activator Technique uses a handheld device to target a specific area through a low-displacement, high-speed pulse. This method allows Dr. Tucker to treat patients of any age, from infants to the elderly.


Heartburn is a common side effect during pregnancy for many women. As if swelling and aches weren’t enough, severe heartburn can prevent woman from getting a good night’s sleep and being able to eat normally. While changes in eating habits might be able to improve the symptoms, it’s not always a guarantee or might not be enough. Heartburn during pregnancy occurs due to hormones that relax the body to allow it to expand. Excess relaxation of the body can affect the proper functioning of the stomach and esophagus allowing for reflux. Chiropractors in Gainesville adept at treating pregnant women, can rework the muscles in the back to improve the function of the stomach and alleviate heartburn symptoms.

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GERD is becoming more and more common in people of all ages. If not treated or addressed, it can lead to ulcers and even esophageal cancer. At Tucker Chiropractic, Dr. Tucker can provide you with chiropractic treatment in Gainesville, FL, to improve your symptoms. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.