Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Visiting Dr. Tucker Can Have Many Benefits for Your Health

Chiropractic manipulation involves alignment of the spine and the many nerves that connect to it. Although chiropractic care has been available for many years, many people may not know how it works or what it can do to help alleviate medical problems. New research supports the benefits that chiropractic care can provide for patients who need treatment or alternative methods of treatment. Dr. Charles Tucker, a qualified chiropractor in Gainesville, FL, has the training and experience to provide individualized care you need to feel better and function more effectively.


Misalignment of the spine can put pressure on vertebrae in the neck, upper back and lower back, which can be the source of chronic pain in these areas. In addition, chiropractic can help to relieve pain in the shoulders, hips and legs that is caused by pressure on nerves that connect to the spinal column. This type of chronic pain can prevent individuals from engaging in normal work and recreational activities. Chiropractors in Gainesville, FL, have extensive knowledge of techniques that reduce back and neck pain, as well as decrease the number and severity of migraines and other health problems.


Because the spine is the central processing unit for all of the nerves of the body, misalignment can also create numbness and tingling in the extremities. These nerve problems can be minimized with regular chiropractic manipulation and other specialized procedures. If you experienced problems with numbness in the hands or tingling in the legs and feet, talk to a Gainesville chiropractor about techniques that can help relieve these symptoms.


When muscles or nerves are compressed in the spinal column, they do not function properly, leading to increased fatigue and poor nerve signal response. These results can affect the performance of athletes and other individuals who depend on quick responses or a wide range of motion on the job. Chiropractic care can help to maximize function so individuals can rely on their ability to perform at optimum levels of effectiveness.


The buildup of daily stress can cause the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back to tighten, which can result in a variety of chronic aches and pains that impact productivity and prevent a good night’s sleep. Chiropractic care has been found to reduce stress and can relieve the chronic tension in the muscles and nerves that connect to the spinal column.


Many people are concerned about the amount of medication required to manage their medical condition. For individuals who are under a physician’s care, chiropractors in Gainesville, FL, can provide additional relief from symptoms without increasing a patient’s dosage of medication.

With regular treatments by a trained chiropractor, you can enjoy improved health, better function and increased well-being. To learn more about how chiropractic care can provide benefits to your health, contact Dr. Tucker at Tucker Chiropractic and schedule an appointment.