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Treatment for Migraines

Gainesville Chiropractor for Migraines & Intense Headaches

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 9 out of 10 Americans get occasional or frequent headaches ranging from mild to severe. Headaches and migraines can also cause nausea and physical pain. Instead of suffering through a headache or trying to dull it with medication, consider chiropractic care.


Are you wondering what causes a migraine in the first place? There are a number of causes, or triggers, for these intense headaches. Certain kinds of foods, stimuli from the environment (light or noise), nerve irritation and lifestyle behaviors can all cause migraines. Stress, too much exercise, insomnia and changes in your blood sugar may play a role in your headaches.

If you’re concerned that a disease may be causing your migraines, it’s important to note that as many as 95% of headaches are considered primary headaches, which includes cluster or tension headaches and migraines. These headaches are not the result of a disease. For the most part, primary headaches are caused by tension in the neck muscles.

If you’re wondering how your neck muscles became strained, the answer may surprise you. Today, many people in the United States are relatively sedentary. Spending several hours in the same position can increase irritation in your neck, scalp or back, causing you to get headaches. On top of chiropractic treatment, lifestyle changes may help limit your headaches.


According to the ACA, research has shown that spinal manipulation is effective at treating tension headaches and migraines. When you visit a chiropractor for migraines, the improvement is practically immediate, especially if your headaches start in the neck. Also, when you go to a Gainesville chiropractor instead of taking medication to treat your migraines, you’ll have fewer side effects and relief that lasts for longer.

As a treatment for migraines, your chiropractor will manipulate your spine or make other types of adjustments to alleviate stress and pain. They also may give you nutritional advice and recommend any diet changes that could help. For example, taking Vitamin B Complex may help ease migraines. You can also ask your chiropractor for tips about posture and ergonomics, plus relaxation exercises that will lower your anxiety.


When Dr. Tucker was 11 years old, he was hit by a car. The accident caused whiplash, resulting in migraines. After a variety of treatments didn’t help, Dr. Tucker’s parents sought out chiropractic treatment for migraines, which helped to alleviate the pain from the whiplash as well as the headaches. The experience helped Dr. Tucker decide to become a chiropractor. Dr. Tucker has first-hand knowledge of how difficult migraines can be to live with and how much chiropractic treatment for migraines can help.

If you suffer from migraines, don’t give up hope. Contact Tucker Chiropractic and find out how the Activator Method can provide you with painless relief. Dr. Tucker utilizes the Activator Method for all of his patients which omits manual spinal manipulation — no twisting, no cracking, no popping. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.