woman holding her lower back

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Gentle Chiropractic in Gainesville, FL

If you suffer from lower back pain, you are not alone. Pain in the lower part of the back affects millions and can have a negative impact on your life. You may find yourself avoiding the things that you love to do because your back pain is limiting your mobility. Living with chronic pain can wear you down, forcing you to turn to pain relievers to get through the day. When lower back pain remedies have not given you the relief that you need, Dr. Tucker can offer you solutions. As a Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Tucker has a wealth of experience in providing patients with effective lower back pain treatment.


The first step in finding an effective treatment for lower back pain is to get to the source of the pain. It’s no surprise that millions suffer from pain in the lower back. When you are on the go and on your feet constantly, your lower back bears the brunt of your weight. Move the wrong way, lift too much weight, or receive an injury in your lower back, and your battle with pain could be even worse. Chronic lower back pain could be a problem that plagues you every day from the moment you get out of bed until you turn in for the night. Your back pain can be like a nagging toothache that never goes away, even taking away your sleep. You need to see Dr. Tucker for an evaluation to pinpoint why you are experiencing pain. Only then will it be possible to form a plan of attack.


Once the source of your pain is identified, you can find lower back pain relief with help from Dr. Tucker. Your pain could be a result of strained muscles, a disc that has shifted, or a herniated disc. You could have had a blow to the lower back that resulted in injury. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Tucker will identify the problem and administer treatment using the Activator Method. The Activator Method is an approach that is growing in popularity, sparing you from manual manipulations that can be stressful to your body. The Activator Method revolves around the use of a handheld device that delivers controlled, low-displacement pulses at a high speed to the area of concern in your lower back. Once your back is properly adjusted, the relief will follow.


Seek assistance from Dr. Tucker, a chiropractor with the experience and background knowledge you need in order to take control of your back pain. Dr. Tucker will be able to get you back on track as your lower back is properly adjusted. Continue to see Dr. Tucker on a regular basis, even when your pain has gone away, to prevent the pain from returning. The most important thing you can do is to maintain a healthy spine. With Dr. Tucker’s talented treatment, you can put your back pain behind you.