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Personalized Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching

Systems within the body are interrelated and therefore affect each other. When seeking chiropractic treatment in Gainesville, FL, you will find that a chiropractor will be able to not only help you with any adjustments you may need but will advise you on other aspects of your health as well. Dr. Tucker is more than qualified to provide you with the well-rounded care you need.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

The human spine is responsible for maintaining the frame and allowing for humans to remain upright. It is also the pathway through which the brain communicates with the rest of the body. If it becomes misaligned, these abilities become compromised. However, chiropractic therapy can improve the communication between nerves. It can also reduce arthritis and many sources of pain such as in your joints, back, legs, knees, neck, arms, shoulders, elbows or ankles. You will also experience an increase mobility and motion.

Importance of Exercise & Nutrition

Frequently, patients seek chiropractic care when experience back pain caused by misalignments which put pressure on nerves and reduce the function of normal processes within the body. Adjustments will help to realign the spine, but proper physical activity and diet will speed recovery. For example, if the problem resides in the lower back, exercises focused on the lower back will strengthen the surrounding muscles and decrease back pain. A Gainesville, FL chiropractor can suggest specific workouts that will fit your needs the best while considering different movements that cause you pain.

With a Gainesville chiropractic treatment program, you will also have wellness coaching that extends to your nutrition. If you are overweight, proper diet and exercise will help you lose weight. This will reduce the amount of work your spine will need to exert in order to remain upright and aligned. Dr. Tucker will analyze your current nutrition in order to look for areas of weakness. He may even suggest dietary supplements following procedures.

“Whole Body” Approach

Some chiropractors provide a “whole body” approach that helps to speed up the time it takes to recover from various problems and will also help to prevent future problems. Doctors, like Dr. Tucker, can help you decide on goals to improve your health and methods to achieve them. Dr. Tucker will provide wellness coaching to support weight loss that will lead to fewer symptoms and a healthier you. This personalized service provides you with instruction on altering your eating habits and custom fitness instructions. A Gainesville chiropractor can coach you to break food addictions or help you quit smoking. Wellness counseling will provide ways to manage stress, which have the potential to negatively impact the function of your body.

Tucker Chiropractic Treatment

When looking for chiropractors in Gainesville, FL, Dr. Tucker is the best option. He believes in looking at all aspects of the body in order to see how they are working together. Not only will he provide adjustments, but he can offer many services such as wellness coaching, diet and exercise advice and tactics for quitting smoking and reducing stress. To ensure your body is as healthy as possible, call Dr. Tucker today to set up an appointment.