old lady being examined by chiropractor

Chiropractic Care for Older Adults

Dr. Tucker is a Gainesville Chiropractor Who Treats Senior Citizens of All Ages

Did you know that chiropractic treatment is popular among Florida’s senior citizens?

If you are like many seniors, you’re probably tired of taking pill after pill and still finding no relief for your aches and pains. You may have even heard friends and family talk about using a Gainesville chiropractor but are a little nervous about all of the manipulation that goes along with standard chiropractic care. At Tucker Chiropractic, we use the Activator Method, a gentle chiropractic method that brings pain relief to our patients without having to yank, pull and crack your body.


While we take great care of all of our patients, we are especially careful with our elderly patients. Dr. Tucker has treated patients well into their 90s using the Activator Method! With aging comes a variety of health concerns and complaints, such as arthritis, fatigue, sore muscles, overall body weariness, digestive issues and so much more. Unlike other chiropractors in Gainesville, FL, we rely only on the Activator Method to bring much-needed relief to our patients.

So what is the Activator Method? It is really quite simple yet very effective. The Activator is a small handheld device that delivers rapid, low-force impulses to the spine. Gone are the days when you would face Gainesville chiropractic treatment with fear because you didn’t like the cracking, twisting and popping associated with traditional chiropractors. At our clinic, we first do a muscle assessment to determine where the patient needs the treatment. The patient will be asked to discuss the issues that have brought him/her to the clinic, and Dr. Tucker will determine a course of action to address those concerns.


As with any elderly person, it can be stressful to have someone manipulate the body like a traditional chiropractor does. The Activator eliminates the need to crack and pop, making our clinic ideal for senior citizens who want the relief that chiropractic care can bring without the stress of worrying about weakened bones and muscles being subjected to unnecessary force. The practice of chiropractic began thousands of years ago, and many of the methods are still very valuable today. Many of our elderly patients have told us about reducing their medications, or even ceasing medications, after regular use of our Gainesville chiropractor office.


Just because you are aging doesn’t mean that you have to live with chronic pain. Yes, our golden years can bring aches and pains, but you can address and reduce those pains by seeking chiropractic treatment in Gainesville FL. Whether you are new to chiropractic treatments or are seeking a change in practitioner, you should consider calling us today to schedule an informational visit to learn more about how Dr. Tucker can help you.