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Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

The longest nerve in the human body, the sciatic nerve, begins in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and down the backs of the lower legs. The sense of feeling in the thighs, legs and soles of feet is generated by the sciatic. When continuing pain is present in these areas, it is referred to as sciatica. Although sciatica can result from a sports-related injury or work injury, it is more often the effect of years of normal activity on the lower spine, thus often asserting itself in middle age. In fact, it is among the most common conditions to afflict those between the ages of 30 and 50. Less frequently, sciatica results from piriformis syndrome, when the piriformis muscle in the buttocks compresses the sciatic nerve.

Tucker Chiropractic Offers Sciatica Treatment

The pain of sciatica can be widespread across the sciatic nerve or it can be localized. Generally limited to one side of the body, sciatica can manifest as a dull ache, a pins-and-needles perception, numbness, weakness or a combination of these. It’s easy to exacerbate the pain through extended sitting, bending, coughing, sneezing or sudden movement. Beginning faintly, sciatic nerve pain grows in intensity over time. At its worst, it can disrupt work, recreation, sleep, sex and child care to a debilitating degree. Left unattended, sciatica leaves crippling effects on your lifestyle.

Medical professionals are not of one mind regarding how to treat sciatica. Some recommend medications while others advise surgery, depending on the extent of the problem. At the same time, countless patients have found sciatica pain relief through the various approaches of chiropractic treatment. Conservative in approach, chiropractic seeks first to correctly diagnose the underlying cause of sciatica. In a few cases, the pain comes from infections or tissue masses. If applicable, the chiropractor will then work to increase spinal range of motion and diminish inflammation, affording the patient sciatica nerve pain relief.

How this is accomplished is not uniform among sciatica patients who opt for chiropractic sciatica treatment. Many, however, respond quite favorably to the Activator Method. In contrast to manual manipulation, the Activator Method is an instrumental treatment developed through extensive research and clinical trials. The Activator Adjusting Instrument delivers high-velocity but gentle impulses that restore spinal movement at a given vertebra or joint. By comparison, manual techniques are less precise in their application. This method has proven so effective, that over half of the licensed chiropractors in the U.S. employ it in their practices.


For nearly 35 years, Gainesville chiropractor Dr. Charles Tucker has been serving the Gainesville community with extensive knowledge of whiplash, spinal injuries and, of course, sciatica. Testifying to his expertise and professionalism, his patients report significant relief after treatment. Since the most common root of sciatica is spinal misalignment, Dr. Tucker is uniquely qualified to treat this condition with a non-medicinal, non-invasive remedy that involves neither cracking nor popping. A graduate of the original chiropractic school, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Tucker is well-equipped to deliver permanent sciatic nerve pain relief.