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Shoulder Pain Relief Through Chiropractic

Tucker Chiropractic Can Ease Your Pain With the Activator Method

Shoulder pain can greatly affect one’s quality of life by making it difficult to function, hindering enjoyment and even employment. An overview of some of the chief causes of acute shoulder pain and treatment options are described below.


Bursitis is a painful condition caused by the inflammation or irritation of the bursae. These are small fluid filled sacs that cushion and protect the tendons, muscles and bones from friction, pressure and stress. Bursitis may be influenced by old age, overuse or injury to the affected area and poor posture.

Treatment of Bursitis

What does a chiropractor do for shoulder pain associated with bursitis?

Chiropractic adjustments are used in bursitis treatment by placing the body back in alignment to remove stress from the affected area and allow the body to heal itself. Dr. Tucker may also recommend application of hot or cold as well as resting the joint.


Rotator cuff pain is described as being a dull ache located deep within the shoulder and is associated with arm weakness. The shoulder joint pain can cause sufferers to be sleep deprived and make daily activities of living difficult if it requires the use of the shoulders or arms. Rotator cuff injuries can result from chronic overuse of the shoulder, acute injury or from the degenerative changes associated with old age.

Treatment of Rotator Cuff Pain

What does a chiropractor do for shoulder pain associated with injury to the rotator cuff?

In addition to the patient resting the shoulder joint, a chiropractor can also utilize modalities such as electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound, spinal adjustments, or the application of hot or cold.


Symptoms can be described as a sharp pain only in one shoulder, headaches at the back of one’s head, and pins-and-needles sensation in the shoulder, with symptoms sometimes radiating down the into the arm.

Treatment of a Pinched Nerve in the Shoulder

What does a chiropractor do for shoulder pain associated with a pinched nerve?

The doctor will make small adjustments to the spine in order to shift the body back into alignment and take the pressure off of the nerve so it can better communicate with the brain.


The Activator Method is an FDA approved, painless, modern, more efficient and safer method of making pinpointed adjustments to the spine. Safety is a must for all chiropractic adjustments, particularly the neck. Dr. Tucker places the Activator against the patient’s spine and/or extremities and delivers one or more short bursts of pressure intended to adjust the spine back into alignment so the body can heal itself naturally and without invasive surgery or the side effects of medications.

At Tucker Chiropractic, we are committed to providing the most up-to-date technologies and practices in order to assist you on your journey back to good health. Dr. Tucker is a Gainesville chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience and a diverse clientele from all walks of life, all ages and many many different types of ailments. He has helped hundreds of people on their road to recovery and is looking forward to the opportunity to help you!