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January 8th 2016

Chuck tucker is an awesome chiropractor. I've known chuck for years and he has always taken care of my chiropractic issues. I highly recommend him to anyone with pain requiring his care. You will not be disappointed.

- Bryan Nazworth

December 1st 2015

Dr. Tucker is the first person I have seen in the last 10 years that I can honestly say cares about the issues that I am dealing with. I have had ongoing neck issues that cause a great deal of daily discomfort. Dr. Tucker's compassion and caring is something I appreciate very much. Over the past 10 years I have visited with neurologists, pain clinics, specialists here there and everywhere, all ending in no results. After my very first visit with Dr. Tucker, immediately after getting off of the table I felt some relief. I'm confident that Dr. Tucker will continue to help guide me in the right direction towards solving my problem. I highly recommend having a conversation with him about what your concerns or problems are.

- Precision Window Cleaning

December 1st 2015

Only 5 stars ? I would put 10 if I could. Now, I know everyone is different and what works for one, may not work for another. That being said, DR TUCKER HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I was involved in a rear end auto accident 3 years ago. Since then, I have had 28 dr appts, 24 physical therapy appts, 40 massage therapy appts, discectomy surgery on my L4/L5 disc, 2 MRI's, 4 XRAYS, 6 epidural steroid injections to my spine, fluoroscopic facet isolation procedure, prescribed a home TENS treatment unit and have filled over 30 pain control prescriptions. All with minimal permanent relief. After ONE visit, Dr Tucker immediately identified a locked facet right at my L4 location. and BAM ! Instant relief. WOW. I'm a regular patient now and we are working on keeping things 'unlocked'. I can play tag with my boys, tie my own shows without wincing in pain, drive for more than 15 minutes without pain.....etc, etc. IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED THE ACTIVATOR, THEN CAPITALIZE ON DR TUCKERS DECADES OF EXPERIENCE AND TRY IT !!!!

- Chris Vermeulen

October 25th 2015

I was worried about going to the chiropractor due to all the cracking and popping they traditionally do to their patient's joints. Dr. Tucker uses the activator instrument so that doesn't happen. I went in with shoulder pain and within a few visits had full pain-free range of motion back and could get back to my weight lifting routine. Can't say enough great things about the Tucker Chiropractic staff!

- Brad Stumpff

October 1st 2015

I've been seeing Dr. Tucker to address issues I've been having with my neck and back. He is excellent and I am progressively feeling relief from my pain. I have always been nervous about seeing a chiro because I don't like people to twist and crack my back. Dr. Tucker doesn't use that method...instead he uses the Activator Technique. I highly recommend Dr. Charles Tucker for your chiropractic needs.

- Ashley Finnegan

October 30th 2014

I have been to see Dr. Tucker several times and had my first experience using the activator instrument. Though the pain I experienced was in a specific area, Dr. Tucker takes a balanced approach to adjusting the body. We often forget that acute pain can be caused by misalignment in an alternate area. With his adjustable tables, he can accomodate most any patients, no matter age or physical abilities. I would highly recommend Dr. Tucker for his knowledge, experience and gentle approach to healing.

- Rachael Van Dyke

September 2nd 2014

Love Dr Tucker and his staff...! Have been a patient for ~18yrs. He is very compassionate and I always feel better after leaving, sometimes even immediately. Don't let people tell you that chiropractic are not real doctors, He understands how your body is supposed to be align and how every muscle is supposed to be working and were your pain is really coming from.

- Margaret Erwin

August 6th 2014

I've used Chiropractic for years and I find Dr. Tucker's approach to healing to be both effective and long lasting. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Terry Lehman

October 6th 2013

Dr. Tucker has been in practice for over 30 years and knows chiropractic. He's honest, has integrity, and is not going to try and convince you that you need treatments unless you really do. I trust Dr. Chuck and appreciate his knowledge and techniques. He uses a non standard approach to chiropractic using an instrument called the activator. While it doesn't even really seem like much is taking place during the adjustment, I can assure you that things will and do change afterward. I was surprised after my first adjustment with him with how I felt and could definitely notice a difference. His technique is great for people who are scared of having their backs cracked and Dr. Chuck knows well how to use this instrument and get the best results. I highly recommend him.

- Jerrod Fletcher