Chiropractic Treatment for Numbness and Pinched Nerves

Pinched Nerve, Numbness Treatments

Gainesville Chiropractor for Pinched Nerves

Pressure on a nerve can create a “pinched nerve” which sends pain signals from the nerve endings to your brain due to compression on the nerve endings. The compression or pressure on a pinched nerve in the neck is commonly caused by cradling the telephone between the ear and shoulder.

If this is done habitually, it results in a locked posture which continually directs pressure to the same area of the neck and shoulder and creates pinched nerve numbness. Pinched nerves in the back and shoulders are also caused by habitual postures, especially leaning over a desk and peering at a computer screen. Ergonomics are an important part of preventative medicine which can help eliminate some of the bad postures which can create a pinched nerve.

Dangers of a Pinched Nerve

Additionally, what makes pinched nerves so common is the fact that these nerves are located in a very vulnerable area of the body where there is a lack of soft tissue to protect the affected nerves. The nerves then become likely to be pressed between ligaments, bones and tendons, causing pinched nerve numbness. In the case of a pinched nerve in neck and shoulders, inflammation and compression attack nerve roots that originate from the spinal area. You may even experience “referral,” where pain travels from the affected area down into the shoulder, arms, hands, legs and feet. This can sometimes lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow.

If you have a pinched nerve in neck, back or shoulder, you may experience these symptoms of a pinched nerve, including:

  • shooting pain in the neck, back or shoulder
  • referral to arms, hands, legs and feet
  • numbness
  • a sensation of burning
  • weakness in the arms, hands, legs and feet
  • trouble lifting your arms or walking
  • difficulty turning your head or looking up or down
  • tingling and numbness in the legs after remaining seated

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin or ibuprofen may help with swelling of the affected area, however, this is not recommended because of potential side effects. Proper chiropractic care by a Gainesville chiropractor can help to reduce the cause of the pressure, rather than simply alleviate the symptoms of a pinched nerve. Subluxations of the affected areas may help reduce pressure but the Activator Method applied by Dr. Tucker is much less invasive and much less painful than subluxation of the spine or chiropractic adjustment.

The Activator Method uses subtle pulses to massage damaged nerves, muscle and tissue. This allows Dr. Tucker, a Gainesville chiropractor for pinched nerves, to reach exactly the affected area. The pulses strengthen the weakened area and allow greater ease of movement after only a few applications. After treatment with the Activator Method by a chiropractor pinched nerve specialist, numbness and tingling lessen, and the affected nerve area soon regains more of its normal function.

Gentle Chiropractic in Gainesville

If you experience a pinched nerve, contact Dr. Tucker, chiropractor for pinched nerves, to experience the gentle chiropractic of the Activator Method. As a chiropractor pinched nerve specialist, Dr. Tucker's experience will be sure to benefit you immediately and bring you quick relief from the causes of pinched nerves.