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Chiropractic Treatment for Earaches

Gainesville Chiropractic for Earache Relief

Earaches are very common in children but can occur to people of all ages. They can be quite debilitating and irksome and depending on the cause, they tend to affect people in different ways. Earaches can range from sharp pain to dull pain and can either come and go or be a constant nuisance. Earaches can also affect one or both ears. When it comes to earaches, antibiotics are usually prescribed for treatment, but there are other, more natural, alternatives to relieve the pain. Research has found that chiropractic treatment can be effective at alleviating such symptoms. At Tucker Chiropractic, we can provide you with earache chiropractic treatments in Gainesville, FL.


Earaches aren’t caused by just one condition in particular. There are a number of different causes that could lead to a person’s earache. Some conditions affect the ear itself, while others affect the surrounding areas. Some of the most common causes of earache include:

  • Ear Infections: Outer ear infections that affect the tube connecting the outer ear and eardrum and middle ear infections located behind the eardrum are some of the most common causes for earaches. Usually with ear infections, watery or pus-like fluids tend to leak out of the ear. Most ear infections clear up on their own, however, many doctors prescribe eardrops of antibiotics for them.
  • Glue Ear: Otitis media with effusion (OME), often called glue ear, is a buildup of fluid deep inside the eardrum. Glue ear mainly affects children and can be accompanied by temporary hearing loss. Although glue ear tends to be painless, sometimes the pressure of the fluid buildup can cause earaches. Glue ear often goes away on its own, but can last several months, or can be drained through a minor procedure.
  • Ear Canal Injury: Injury to the inside of the ear, such as from poking a cotton swab in the ear, can cause earache. The ear canal is very sensitive and it can be easily damaged. Usually, the ear will heal by itself without treatment but injuries such as a punctured eardrum can take up to two months to heal.
  • Blockage: A buildup of earwax can plug the ear and cause pain and discomfort. Eardrops are usually prescribed to soften the earwax so it may fall out or it is rinsed out by a doctor.
  • Throat Infections: Throat infections, including tonsillitis and colds, can often cause earaches. Ear pain should disappear once the throat infection is treated.


Chiropractic treatment is a technique that aims to restore the normal function of the nervous system so that the body can heal itself without the need for external medication or surgery. Antibiotics don’t always treat the infection, and they can become harmful if taken often and, inadvertently, weaken the immune system. Chiropractic treatment offers a natural alternative to both adults and children. Subluxations in the spine near the neck can hamper nerve activity and disrupt proper function of the ear’s Eustachian tube. These spinal misalignments can interfere with drainage and build up harmful bacteria and fluid. For ear infections, chiropractors focus on neck muscles to stimulate proper functioning of lymph nodes within the ear. After readjustment of the spine to allow proper nerve function, the Eustachian tube and lymph nodes will be able to function correctly and allow fluid drainage to relieve pain and pressure in the ear.

The Activator

Gainesville chiropractor, Dr. Charles T. Tucker, is trained in the activator technique for chiropractic treatment. The activator technique targets the specific region that needs adjustment and uses a handheld device to deliver a precise low-displacement, high-speed pulse to the area. The activator technique is much more gentle than traditional chiropractic and allows Dr. Tucker to treat patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

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If you are searching for a Gainesville chiropractic clinic for treatment to alleviate your ear pain, contact Tucker Chiropractic today. We can provide you with a safe, natural, and reliable alternative to conventional medicine through chiropractic treatment for earaches.